Watch: Shaolin Monks Really Do Have Iron Balls

I became exposed to the art of creating Iron Eggs by the Shaolin Monks via a tweet by JD from the Howard Stern show.  Something about the “Iron Eggs” description peeked my interest enough to click on the link, and what I saw would make any male cringe in gut crippling pain.  Supposedly, the Shaolin Monks, who I’ve always thought to have Force powers, practice the art of the Iron Eggs, which is essentially their ability brutalize their genitals without inducing the sharp pain felt when a man’s sperm machines are forcibly hit by another moving object.  I guess all you have to do to have iron balls is tie a steamroller like device to your sack, and then use it to flatten out some Earth as if you were evening out your front yard with a roller on a tractor.

I don’t think I’m cut out to be a Shaolin Monk now, and neither are you unless you can endure the pain you’ll see in the clip below.  Check it out, and guys it will make you hurt inside.  You’ve been wondering if your road construction foreman will allow you to steamroll pavement with your penis steam roller device…

EPIC Shaolin Monk Iron Egg Skill

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