Watch Shaq Get Crazy Playing Mortal Kombat X with Kenny Smith

Someone in the Mortal Kombat camp deserves a serious round of applause, because the recently uploaded video of Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith playing MKX is amazing.

The video features two of basketball’s greats duking it out in some friendly competition. What truly makes the video great, however, is hearing the banter between both athletes. Shaq, as expected, is Mr. Personality throughout, throwing out taunts, insults, and some seriously quotable lines. Kenny Smith holds his own in the first round as well, dishing out the pain with a smile on his face.

It’s always great to see celebrities during candid moments like this. Despite having cameras around them in order to film this great little video, it’s clear that both Shaq and Kenny are simply having an old fashioned, bone crushing good time.

After all, what’s a little Mortal Kombat without trash talking your friends?


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