Watch the Live-action Wolfenstein: Liberation of London Short Film

Last week, the pwnisher YouTube Channel teased their upcoming short film, Wolfenstein: Liberation of London, showcasing impressive weaponry and intense moments that fit perfectly with that of the revered video game series.

Yesterday, the entire short film was released unto the world and it is every bit and great as one would come to expect from any video coming out of the pwnisher channel.

Clocking in at just over ten minutes, Wolfenstein: Liberation of London tells the tale of four soldiers attempting to infiltrate a Nazi camp in order to gain weapons and technology from a man names Dr. Isaac Astor. Their mission is a blast to watch and is near-guarenteed to make viewers stay on the edge of their seats.

Tense moments, great gunplay, and even impressive CGI keep things interesting in Wolfenstein: Liberation of London, making it a must-watch.

Additionally, pwnisher has also released a behind the scenes video of Liberation of London, allowing viewers to take a look at all of the hard work that went into creating the short film.


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