Watch the Steve Jobs iPhone 4 Network Meltdown

I mentioned yesterday that during the iPhone 4 reveal, Jobs ran into some network glitches when trying to demo the web on the new device.  Well someone has been kind enough to get the footage posted on YouTube.  It is quite comical to watch as he repeatedly asks the attendees to turn off their WiFi, MiFi, and laptops.

I think the real disturbing thing about this footage is the way Steve looks.  This poor genius resembles someone that has been locked away in a concentration camp for the past year, sucks.  The entire world’s technological advancement will be halted when this innovator dies, so let’s hope he’s planning on getting frozen, or implanting his brain into a robot.

Now I still don’t buy the fact that the phone couldn’t work because of all the networks running, but whatever, I’m sure the Apple fanboys can point out why I’m an idiot.  I just want to know how all of the other devices worked just fine and not the iPhone 4 !?  I’m sure it all be kosher once the phone hits consumers hands, but to be safe, just make sure you don’t use the WiFi antenna around other WiFi devices ; )

Check out the video below, which also shows the FaceTime demo.  FaceTime is even amazing when it’s glitchy.  Come on Apple, break that contract with AT&T!  You’ve been busted by Jobs…


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