Watch The Two Towers Gets Picked Apart For its Sins and Faults


Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy will forever be regarded as one of the greatest achievements in film making. The epic tale that originally seemed nearly impossible to film was brought to life in a manner that captured the imaginations of the entire world upon each movie’s release.

While each of the three LotR films has its own merits, The Two Towers is often considered the fan favorite by many. The film’s non-stop action and brooding plotlines stand out as some of the best moments in the entire series.

Cinema Sins, YouTube’s primary purveyors of exposing movie falsehoods, have taken a very close look at The Two Towers and dedicated an entire video to showing all of the faults to be found in the film.

In under seven minutes, almost the entirety of The Two Towers is ripped apart – its flaws exposed and made apparent to everyone.

Take a look at the entire video below and see just how sinful The Two Towers is. Be sure to check out Cinema Sins’ YouTube channel for even more movie exposures.

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