Tranformers: Age of Extinction is set to release later this month and the hype surrounding the Mark Wahlberg-helmed film is nearly palpable. From the brief glimpses and trailers that have been released for the film, it seems that Tranformers fans are destined to be in for one serious thrill ride come the film’s June 27, 2014 release.

The only thing better than the Age of Extinction trailers that have been released is the newly uploaded, homemade version of the Transformers trailer from the ever-talented CineFix channel.

The newest edition to CineFix’s immensely popular ‘Homemade Movies’ series, the movie-making wizards have faithfully recreated the latest Tranformers: Age of Extinction trailer shot-for-shot in a way that makes it seem like anyone with some creative juices could attempt.

Running at a mere forty-something seconds, it’s genuinely impressive to see just how perfectly CineFix has been able to remake the trailer. Those who aren’t entirely convinced of the recreation need to look no further than the video below that compares the two side-by-side.

In addition to the trailer and the comparison video, CineFix has also uploaded a behind the scenes look at everything that has gone into making their latest homemade movie. Attention to detail and genuine talent make for impressive things and those who check out this video will certainly be blown away at CineFix’s passion.

After checking out these videos, do yourself a favor and take a peek at the rest of CineFix’s channel for all kinds of awesome videos.


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