Expert blacksmith Tony Swatton has uploaded his newest creation for the YouTube show MAN AT ARMS on the AweMe channel and this week’s creation takes a decidedly Hylian turn.

Tony has listened to his ever-vocal followers and succeeded in creating a perfect version of The Legend of Zelda’s iconic Master Sword.

Watching Tony Work is a sight to behold, and listening to his commentary as he crafts one of, if not the most, recognizable swords in video game history is an enjoyable and insightful experience. After watching the Master Sword be assembled, the highlight real begins, as Tony and his crew put the sword to the true test- cutting bottles, pottery, fish, and fruit with the Master Sword.

Seeing the Master Sword in action is enough to make nearly and video game fan salivate. Check out the video in its entirety below and be sure to head to the AweMe YouTube channel every Monday for new MAN AT ARMS episodes.

Link’s Master Sword (Legend of Zelda) – MAN AT ARMS:

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