Watch: Windows 8’s New UI Continues to Baffle Longtime Users

A few months ago we posted an intriguing look at how a longtime Windows user got lost in Windows 8’s new Metro UI, and now the same dude (Chris Pirillo) who ran that test took to the streets to see if other users could figure out how to work Microsoft’s new OS.  Again, I’m not here to bash MS.  I’m here to point out the fact that as a developer it’s never a great idea to completely change everything about a time honored system that people have used for nearly every year of their home computing lives.  In this video you’ll see what I deem as competent computer users getting stumped by Windows 8 when they’re asked to try and shut it down.  It’s quite entertaining to see them fail so miserably, but if I were a suit at MS I wouldn’t think that this video is something to laugh at.

Only time will tell if Windows 8’s new UI will result in another Millennium/Vista mistake, but based on the fact that you need a hack to get the Start menu back in Windows 8, I’d say that MS better have SP1 ready to roll sooner than later.  I’ve seen 8 in action, and I actually am impressed by its speeds, but I’m also a realist who has worked in the IT industry for 10 years with multitudes of users who have varying degrees of PC proficiency.  With that being said I can promise you that Windows 8 will confuse more people than impress, which will lead to a public outcry for change.  Change back to the good old days of Start buttons and task bars.  Stay tuned on October 26th to see how this all plays out.  You’ve been thinking the large man in a sweaty blue shirt needs to lay off the cheeseburgers…

What do people think of Windows 8?

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