Watching this Stuntman in Slo-Mo is Surprisingly Peaceful

Everyone knows that here at EB we support our working stuntmen and women.  Remember, these are the folks that make those out of shape, less than physically capable Hollywood stars look good, so without them we’d see movies that featured nothing but talking and drama (mouth vomit to that).  Could you imagine a world where movies were only about romantic comedies and historical pieces?  I think 99% of men in this world would rather stick HIV infested needles into their eyes than be stuck in a world without action movies.

Luckily, Hollywood directors have the ability to hire stuntmen like the fire specialists from Action Factory, or the acrobatic excellence of Dante Ha.  Ha has most recently lent his services to a couple of small films you may have heard about: X-Men: First Class, and The Dark Knight Rises, so the dude is no joke.  In fact, I first found out about him yesterday when I watched a short film called Stunt Poetry by Rishi Kaneria.  Kaneria took some beautiful slow motion shots of Ha in action, and set it to some serene music.

The result is a mesmerizing 2 minute video of some dude flipping around in the air with the grace of a gold medal gymnast.  It’s surprisingly peaceful, so if you’re into stunts and getting your zen on in one sitting, then I suggest you head on down below and watch some Stunt Poetry.  You’ve never thought horsing around as a kid could land you a job in Hollywood…

Stunt Poetry

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