WB Contemplating Canceling All Screenings of ‘TDKR’ Post Colorado Shooting

Well the knee jerk reactions to the unfortunate Colorado movie shooting have already begun.  Paris was the first city to cancel it’s openings of The Dark Knight Rises, and now some WB executives are considering pulling the plug in the US as well.  First and foremost what happened in Aurora, Colorado is noting short of a tragedy.  There’s no doubt about it being an awful and unfortunate event, but what will canceling screenings of The Dark Knight Rises honestly accomplish?

If anything, shutting down TDKR premieres across the country would give this James Holmes wacko some sort of victory.  One of the main reasons nut jobs do what he did is for attention.  The fact that he may single handily take down the juggernaut known as The Dark Knight Rises will only feed his sick sense of reality.

In this great country we tend to take things to the nth degree when tragedy strikes, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  But sometimes this practice leads to odd moves such as Warner Bros. considering shutting down The Dark Knight Rises premieres here in the US.  That’s exactly what they’re mulling over according to The Wrap, who reported that an executive told them, “Warner was watching the situation and still considering whether to take further measures beyond cancelling the Paris premiere, including cancelling screenings at theater chains”.

The more I think about this possibility the more I don’t know how to feel about it.  Personally, rather than shutting down a movie why not focus on our loose gun laws, or maybe better security practices?  Anyone that claims a film, TV show, book, or video game can drive a person to do what Holmes did is insane.  Movies don’t make people kill people, sh*tty upbringings, and mental sickness do.  I just hope justice is served and the facts come out.  I could see maybe delaying The Dark Knight Rises until next weekend, but an all out ban seems ridiculous.  Isn’t this what terrorists want?  For us to change our daily lives and to live in fear?  Why give any of them that satisfaction?

This takes nothing away from what happened though, and I’m not some Batman fanboy claiming that the Dark Knight deserves his day.  If Warner Bros. truly feels that their movie could insight more theater shootings, then by all means they should suspend it, but deep down, just like me, I know you know it’s not the answer to the problem.  Do we really need the ability to own small arsenals?  I think not.


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