We Are Behind NBC’s “The Event”

When I say “We” I’m referring to the mouse in my pocket, but that’s besides the point.  The point of this post is to express my approval of NBC’s new Monday night show, “The Event”.  With all of the hype over the summer I was very skeptical going into this new sci-fi-ish show.  Whenever a show is compared to a “LOST” or a “24” I always think to myself, “Bullsh*t!”  It took a million years for a show like “LOST” to even appear, so when the marketing teams at the networks keep hyping their next big show as a “LOST” replacement I usually tune them out.  Luckily for “The Event”, I actually need a “LOST” replacement since it ended last May.  Luckily for me and other geeks, “The Event” may come closer than any show before to capturing that “LOST” feel.

I am thoroughly entertained by this show in a way that I haven’t felt since the old days of “LOST”.  I just watched the pilot this week and I found myself immediately wanting to watch the second episode the moment I hit delete on my DVR to wipe out the pilot.  I love the concept of “The Event” and so far the writing is wonderful.  It shares some common literary techniques with “LOST” such as flashbacks and at times flash forwards, but it’s done in a way that isn’t straight up ripping off “LOST”.  The plot is one that seems to have many layers to it with new ones getting exposed each week.  The best part is that each little mystery has gotten some light shed on it in each episode so far.  There’s no waiting for months to find out an answer to a mystery on this show.

I don’t want to recap the whole series with this piece, but I do want to stress that you should be watching it if you like “LOST”, or like a good sci-fi mystery show.  I will stake my reputation as an Entertainment Buddha that you will like this show if you’re a geek.  Now if the writers go and f*ck it up like “Flash Forward” or other shows that have tried to grab the geek sector, don’t blame me.  I will at least stick to my guns that the first 2 episodes will bring you back for more enjoyment.  Not to mention that the hot chick from ‘Disturbia’ is in it, boinggg!  Check it out on Monday nights on NBC, and get it on your DVR!  You’ve been asked to do some geeky homework…

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