We Happy Few’s Uncle Jack Does Some Bedtime Reading

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is built around the ever-present feeling of being the odd man out. In the central city of Wellington Wells, the populace spends their days blissfully going about their days, drugged up with Joy. Those who don’t take the drug are seen as outcasts, pursued and persecuted for going against the social norm.

Watching over Wellington Wells and its strange citizens is Uncle Jack, a television personality who has the unquestioned trust of all. The melodically voiced, charismatic talking head has become a constant fixture in Wellington Wells’ daily happenings.

In a new video, Uncle Jack has taken to reading the city a bedtime story. The live action reading of “The Pied Piper” is just one of the many broadcasts that players will encounter in We Happy Few. While it’s not too common to see live action footage in games, the balance of We Happy Few’s stylized art and Uncle Jack’s real-world counterpart go a long way to balance the dissonance of the game’s universe.

Currently, We Happy Few is raising funds through Kickstarter, which has 7 days until closing. The game is sitting around 90% funded.


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