Welcome to the Big House in The Culling

The Culling is receiving a HUGE update on January 18th. The Big House update will bring new weapons, a new map, new modes and even more features into the game. The new map is Cul County Correctional Facility where you will fight your opponents from the cells to the yard to be the last man standing. A new lightning round mode will provide quick gameplay with improved matchmaking and a quick play function. Golden Crow Bar mode will have each player fighting to get the golden crow bar and reign supreme. More game modes will be added as well like Shake & Bake and Drop Your Bridges. New weapons will make their way into the fray like the Survival Axe. Thread up with plenty of new clothes and make your opponents feel shame with new victory taunts.

Check out the trailer above to get all of the information you need. For all patch details head on over to The Culling’s website here to read more. It will benefit to know that The Culling will be coming to the Xbox Preview Program within the first half of 2017, so don’t worry console players, you’ll get in on the madness too.


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