Westeros House Sigils if They Were Modern Sports Franchises

Game of Thrones Sports League

Polish artist Rav31 has remade some of the more prominent Game of Thrones House Sigils as modern day logos that look and feel like some of today’s professional sports team’s logos. The overall motif remains the same in each logo; for example the Starks are still represented by a wolf, but the designs are a little more inline with what you’d see in the NFL, NBA, NHL, or even those found in MLS and the European soccer leagues. A few of the newly designed logos even feature the house sayings that the characters of Westeros are so fond of recanting.

You can check out the redesigned logos after the break. Feel free to let us know which one is your favorite by using the image comment system, or just by leaving a comment in the comments section. If you like what you see you can download an HD wallpaper pack that feature each logo on a styled background.

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