Westworld Mobile Trailer – As Weird As The Show

Westworld is almost a phenomenon with how weird and far out it is and with how many people love it. It’s only natural that something like that would come to gaming eventually, because frankly, the weirder something is, the better a videogame it will be.

Or something.

I know next to nothing about Westworld so I won’t pretend that I do, however I have been meaning to watch it. Everyone and their mother seems to have some great thing to say about the show, and now fans can get their fix with a brand new mobile game. It looks a lot like Fallout Vault, like an eerie amount, and seems to share a lot of traits. Rather than building up a vault residence though, you basically build a simulated world, create AI characters, and then just sort of release them into this world and see how they all react with one another. It’s actually a lot like The Sims, but just really, REALLY weird. Again, weird isn’t bad, and I would definitely give the trailer a watch and check it out if you’re into the show!

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