Westworld Season 2, Episode 3: Virtù e Fortuna Timelines Recap

Spoilers will be present for Westworld Season 2, so proceed at your own risk!

The latest episode of Westworld offered up a look at another area of the island that features an Imperialistic India theme park, as well as other scenes that checked in on the various timelines that have been introduced this season. I’m still not sure how I want to cover this season of the show, because I do love its slow burn style plot, which reveals more layers of the narrative each week, but I missed writing about Episode 2’s events, so I guess I’m not doing weekly recaps, or I’m just lazy. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed this third episode, so I recap the main events that take place in each timeline below. The episode will not be broken down chronologically, rather each of the main timelines will be recapped separately with the character threads that took place in them.

Timeline 1: Days after the Hosts are Awakened

India Park Attendee

In this timeline we got a few new bits of information revealed, as well as a new park and character being revealed. At the start of the episode an Imperialistic India theme park is shown off, and the action follows a female guest who clearly loves to play the game that the park offers. After testing a fellow human’s word, she heads out on a Tiger hunt in the India park, but unbeknownst to her, the hosts are awaking, so she quickly finds herself in a predicament. What mattered most about this segment in this timeline is that it shows how the Tiger made it ashore in the Westworld theme park. It had chased the lady out of the India park, got passed the security barriers since all hell was breaking loose, and then washed up ashore. The lady does too, but all we know for now is that she’s probably the captive of some Indians.

Bernard and Charlotte

Bernard and Charlotte’s adventure during this timeline was further explored in this episode. It showed that Bernard used his skills to hack Rebus (think Simon from The Walking Dead) to help free Peter Abernathy from being sold to the Confederados. While Peter did get away, the Confederados end up catching him anyway. At the same time Charlotte and Bernard get split up. She runs away and eventually meets up with the Delos security team that has come to secure the park. Bernard on the other hand also gets captured by the Confederados.

Dolores, Teddy, and the Army

Dolores’ group, or should I say Wyatt’s group, was the main focus of this timeline and episode, as most of the action took place with her thread. Dolores and Teddy arrive at Fort Forlorn Hope and enlist the rest of the Confederados to help them in an upcoming war. This war just so happens to be the initial Delos security QA team to clean up the mess of the hosts waking up. Dolores shows off the weapons these men will use to gain the trust of the Fort’s Commander, who does pledge to fight them and allow Dolores and her army to enter the fort.

A few scenes later Peter and Bernard show up at the fort after being captured by the Confederados, so Dolores quickly recognizes them both. She has Peter taken away to be looked at for his strange behavior, which we soon learn more about from Bernard. Anyway, she doesn’t show as much love to Bernard, who she clearly isn’t a fan of. He’s sent to a lockup, while Dolores speaks with Peter. The two share a moment, and it seems as if Peter has remembered her through all of the confusion in his head, but as she tries to get him to understand that he has awoken from his programming before, he goes back into his loop before Dolores can fully save him from whatever Delos has dumped into his memory banks.

Dolores then visits Bernard and she discusses how she has awoken, as well as her overall plan to dominate the world of humanity. She explains to him that she listens to her own voice now, and that she used to only hear directives that she had to comply with an “I Will”, but now she can set her own and is more of an “I May” type of girl. She also asks him to fix Peter. This is how Bernard discovers that Peter has a massive encrypted file in his head, which is the file Charlotte is trying to get him out of the park for. Bernard eventually decrypts the file, but its contents aren’t shown in this episode. It’s believed that this file contains data on every host and guest from the parks.

While Bernard is decrypting Peter’s mind, war breaks out between the Confederados and the Delos QA team. Thanks to some explosives and the Confederados themselves, the QA team is defeated, but Dolores then betrays the Confederados by locking them out of the fort to ensure they’re all massacred. She does this because she believes that not all hosts deserve to receive the glory she is seeking. While all of this is going on Charlotte has a team enter the fort and kidnap Peter, which gets Dolores into Terminator mode. She gets popped a few times, commands Teddy to scatter their horde to look for Peter, while she and him head to Sweetwater to get something. She also commands Teddy to kill Major Craddock and the other surviving Confederados, but he can’t do it because he’s just too damn nice and not fully into Dolores’ plan yet, but unfortunately for him she witnesses this act, which is probably why we see him dead with the other hosts floating in that massive body of water from the first episode of this season.

Finally, this timeline concludes with Bernard trying to escape the fort, but due to his system’s health, he can barely walk. He eventually gets caught by Zombie Clementine, so by the time this episode ends he’s still a prisoner of Dolores’ host army.

Maeve and Company

Again, this particular timeline dominated this episode, so we got to see what Maeve and her companions were up to while Dolores’ war kicked off. Maeve, Lee, and Hector run into some Ghost Nation Indians, who don’t have beef with him and Maeve, but they do want Lee. Considering that Maeve needs Lee to find her daughter, she and her gang run for a hatch to escape to the park’s underground. They eventually run into Hector’s old partner Armistice, who he realizes now has a dragon, which is just a flamethrower. They also reunite with the Westworld lab techs that helped Maeve in Season 1. Maeve’s group of three then becomes six as they all head back out into the park. We last see them in a wintery location investigating a fire, but just as Lee realizes they’re in deep shit, a sword wielding host springs from the tree line. This thread ended on that cliffhanger, but it’s pretty clear that Maeve’s group has gotten pretty close to Shogun World, which fans have been waiting for since the Season 1 finale.

Timeline 2: 2 Weeks After the Hosts Awake

This was the only other timeline explored in this episode, and it was only featured for a hot second. Bernard and the Delos boss make it to an area that the Delos security forces describe as being chaotic at best, and it appears to be a part of the park that featured a massacre at the hands of the hosts. Not much else is shown, but it is revealed that Charlotte is at this location, so she is surprised to see that Bernard had made it this far considering she last saw him when they tried to free Peter. This exchange kicks Bernard into a flashback, which has already been recapped above.

Assorted Musings

  • Apparently the India park is called The Raj
  • The writer definitely trolled super fans by revealing The Raj before Shogun World
  • The Tiger thread is more intriguing than I thought
  • I really want to know exactly what Bernard found in Peter’s head
  • How soon before Dolores mercy kills Teddy

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