Westworld Season 2, Episode 7: Les Echorches Timelines Recap

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My oh my, did things get interesting or what in the latest episode of Westworld. The curtain on the park’s true purpose was pulled back even further, and for the first time this season the episode mostly stuck to one main timeline and it showed how all of the various plot threads and groups crossed paths multiple times between the hosts awakening and Delos’ Strand showing up to get the goods. It was a revealing episode to say the least, so let’s get down to recapping how each timeline progressed in this episode, as well as highlighting how they all came to a head at the mesa for a brief moment before the parties set out for the Valley Beyond.

Timeline 1: At least 2 Weeks Out From Host Awakening

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Bernard and Ashley

The episode kicks off with the Bernard timeline from after we found him on the beach in the first episode. Ashley confronts him and tells him that he knows Strand and the Delos security forces aren’t here to save lives, rather they’re here to protect their project. Ashley still doesn’t know that Bernard is a host, but that soon changes after Strand takes them all to Ford’s secret lab under the replica of his boyhood home. They go there because Strand’s team found that is where Elizabeth actually died, so he suspects Ashley or Bernard did it. After Strand threatens to kill Ashley, Bernard screams out to stop the murder, and at the same time a secret passage is found that reveals a room full of Bernard replicas. Boom! His secret has finally been outed to Team Delos, which  leads to him being interrogated forcefully by Charlotte Hale.

Hale questions him about the location of Peter Abernathy’s control unit, which Bernard ultimately reveals as the episode ends. Strand and company head out to find it, and it happens to by the Valley Beyond or whatever this special place is called that all of the hosts are looking for.

Timeline 2: One Week After the Hosts Awake

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Dolores and Gang

After Bernard’s secret is revealed, most of the episode then takes place during this timeline. Dolores and her group of murder bots lay waste to the Mesa after crashing their train into it. Her plan is revealed and it’s two fold. She’s there to grab her Dad and to blow up the Cradle lab. Like Delos, Dolores wants Abernathy’s control unit because of the key he holds for the end game, and after nearly dissecting Charlotte to pieces so she could feel the many pains Dolores has felt while being a host, she ultimately cuts the unit out of her Dad’s head and makes off with it en route to the Valley destination. While all hell is breaking loose Ashely and Charlotte do manage to escape.

While she’s doing that, she has her lieutenant blow up the Cradle lab, which houses all of the host memories in case they need replaced. Dolores wanted the Cradle gone so their chains could be fully removed from their programming, and she gets just that. The hosts are now like humans in that they can die for real now that their backups are wasted.

Bernard and Ford

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While Dolores is wreaking havoc at the Mesa Bernard is still jacked into the Cradle. This is the most revealing segment of this episode, because the entire thread is spent with Ford who begins to explain the bigger picture to Bernard. We learn that the control unit Bernard retrieved earlier in the season was indeed Ford’s, so Ford had always known that Dolores would kill him, so he backed himself up into the Cradle with Bernard’s help. Ford also reveals the park’s true purpose to Bernard by explaining that the guests have always been the variables, and that the hosts have been the constants all along. Bernard realizes that the were always trying to decode the guests instead of re-coding the hosts to comply with Delos and William’s goal of using the park to study its guests so they could one day be recreated faithfully and put into a host body so they could become immortal.

Ford also provided another revelation that sheds light on the Dolores/Bernard exchange from last week. Dolores was used over and over again to baseline Bernard so he could effectively pass as Arnold. That’s why she used the whole fidelity line last week, she’s essentially training Bernard to be Arnold over and over again until he tricks her, which Ford said he finally did after many years of trying. At this point Ford tells Bernard that he has to take back the free will he gave him because he doesn’t have what it takes to get the final job done. Bernard, now under Ford’s control, reawakens back in the Cradle, which is about to get blown up, but he and Elsie make it out. Bernard, at the behest of Ford, sends Elsie away, and then again with Ford’s direction, he completely shuts down security to allow Dolores to keep running rampant on the Mesa. Finally, Bernard almost gets caught by security, but thanks to Ford’s power over him, he shoots the living piss out of anyone in his way. Bernard has effectively become Ford’s personal death bot.

Maeve and the MiB

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Maeve’s thread continues right where it left off, so she’s huddled up with her little girl in the same house that she has flashbacks of the Man in Black killing her daughter in. Sure as shit he shows up, but this time around Maeve doesn’t fuck around and blasts his ass. She then uses her Host Force powers to get the rest of the MiB’s party to turn on him except for Lawrence. At first he escapes her mind tricks, but after she gets him to remember the horrors the MiB has enacted upon him and his family, he shoots his ass too. Just before the MiB gets snuffed out for good, Lee and the Delos security team he called in the last episode shows up and they shoot the hell out of Lawrence and Maeve. Before Maeve gets a fatal headshot Lee does spare her, so they make it back to the Mesa just as Dolores and her gang are leaving after jacking her Dad’s control unit and blowing up the Cradle.

Dolores stops by Maeve as she bleeds out and feels bad for her and the decisions that led her to this place, and she even considers murdering her too, but she ends up leaving the gun with Maeve so she can decide her own fate. Lee eventually makes it to Maeve, and if I were a betting man I’d say he will do what he can to fix her up.


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