Westworld Season 2, Episode 8: Kiksuya Timelines Recap

The latest episode of Westworld’s second season may be one of the series’ best, which is due to the extensive detour it takes to finally flesh out the characters of the Ghost Nation, who have been ominous, but a mysterious presences throughout the show’s first two seasons. The episode almost exclusively was set prior to the main awakening event from Season One’s finale, but it also featured a few scenes from the main timelines that have been featured this season to keep the overarching plot moving forward.

The star is without a doubt Akecheta, who we learn has been woken for years, even before Dolores seemingly awoke, even though I don’t think she truly is yet. His story is a beautiful yet tragic one, and it definitely helps to explain why the Ghost Nation has been doing it’s thing for all of these years, as well as what their final end game truly is. Alright, let’s get on with the timelines recap!


Timeline 1: At least one week post Ford being shot

Man in Black and the Ghost Nation

Akecheta, the main Ghost Nation warrior we’ve seen many times over come across the other main host groups find the MiB and takes him back to his camp. He doesn’t want to just kill him though, because he wants him to suffer. Akecheta knows who he is and what he has done in the park for over 30 years, so he’s not a fan of old William. He also has Maeve’s daughter, who he proceeds to tell his tale to to explain what he has been doing for years on end on the outskirts of the park. He has been woken for years and knows that the daughter is too, and his summary provides much insight into what has been going on in the park with other hosts that aren’t Dolores and Maeve. Grace eventually shows up to claim the MiB, and Akecheta hands him over after she promises that he will remain in agony, because clearly the MiB is a major asshole that both humans and hosts want to suffer.


During this same timeline we get to see how Maeve is fairing from her gunshot wounds, and she’s not doing so hot. Lee eventually finds the evil host doctor that Delos sent with the clean up party, and he agrees to save Maeve because he too realizes that she’s special and has abilities that Delos still needs. Lee is visibly shaken now that he realizes that he should have never sold Maeve out to the Delos tactical team, but he’s kind of powerless at this point because Charlotte Hale gets involved after it’s revealed that Maeve is the only host or person that still has admin access over the park and its hosts.

By the time we leave the episode Maeve’s fate is up-in-the-air, but we do learn that even while she is all shot up and nearly dead, she has been controlling, or at least speaking through Akecheta to her daughter to let her know that she is still protecting her through the proxy of Akecheta.

Timeline 2: Pre-Arnold’s death to Ford being shot

Meet Akecheta, aka, Ghost Nation Maeve

This timeline is expansive, but most of the episode was set during it to flesh out Akecheta’s narrative. It was revealed that he was originally just a regular Indian host living a peaceful life with his wife that he loves dearly. Although, he, like Dolores, may have been given a bit more curiosity by Arnold, because after hearing gunshots one day he goes to investigate to make sure no one was hurt. He stumbles upon Dolores’ first murder spree, the one Arnold forced her to do while also forcing her to shoot him. While surveying the massacre he stumbles upon Arnold’s maze board, which in turn allows Akecheta to begin to awake.

He starts carving the symbol everywhere, so much so that Delos techs bring him in for an adjustment, which is how he becomes the much less compassionate version of himself in his Ghost Nation form. Although, he’s still somewhat woken, so he ultimately stumbles upon Logan, Williams’ brother-in-law that he basically left for dead in the park. Logan tells him that this place isn’t real, which once again sends Akecheta on a journey of discovery where he finds what looks like Delos buildings built into the walls of a chasm in the park. This structure may very well be the weapon William showed Dolores earlier this season, but he realizes that it is a door out of the fake world he now knows he lives in.

Thanks to this discovery he remembers his wife and revisits her and kidnaps her. She eventually remembers him too, but Delos techs find her and take her away. Over the next nine years he searches for her all over Westworld without being killed by guests, or even brought in for maintenance. He does this so he can keep remembering his wife. He’s saved by Maeve’s daughter during one of his excursions, which sticks with him as he finally dies again to look for his wife. He knows that if he dies the people from under the ground will take him to their place, which is where he thinks she’s at. This also shows that the Ghost Nation tribe has been aware of the techs for years.

While in the lab he pulls a Maeve, or technically she eventually pulls an Akecheta because he self wakes and explores the lab and finds his wife in the host morgue in a decommissioned state. He realizes that he’s not the only host who has had to deal with the pain and loss of a loved one in their memories, so upon leaving the lab and rejoining the Ghost Nation, he shares the puzzle with his people, who all start to waken from studying and thinking about it. He reveals that the Maeve memory we saw of her and her daughter being raided by Ghost Nation was nothing more than them coming to protect them both from the Man in Black, because Maeve’s daughter is the one that saved Akecheta from is own loss years ago.

This timeline then advances closer to the events of Ford’s death. Prior to that though Akecheta stumbles upon Ford setting up his new narrative from Season One, and he tells Ford that he’s been awake for years thanks to the maze, and that he has learned to give himself his own directives, which seemingly intrigues Ford as he realizes that Arnold’s creations are truly coming alive like Arnold told him nearly 30 years earlier. Akecheta explains that he’s been searching for the hidden door he saw many years ago, which Ford tells him will be revealed once Dolores does her thing again. After she does Akecheta realizes that its time to get to the door before Dolores kills everyone. Just like that all of the timelines and narratives are starting to funnel to what should be a revealing final two episodes of this mysterious second season of Westworld.


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