We’ve Got a Tiger Woods Mistress Mudslinging Contest!

Will this damn Tiger Woods mess ever go away?  I think it’s time to shift the focus to his inability to play great golf rather than give these Ho-bags anymore press, but that’s just my two cents.  It seems mistress numero uno, Rachel Uchitel, went on TMZ Live last week and made a comment about all the other home wreckers trying to capitalize off of banging Tiger.  This led to Joslyn James, one of his XXX ladies to fire back and say something to Rachel, and now Jamie Grubbs is chiming in and agreeing with Rachel.  Note to dummies – Most of us could give a rat’s ass what you think, get over yourselves and die, or go find another celeb to play you like a fiddle!

In my opinion, the fact that they’re even speaking to TMZ shows that both Rachel and Jamie are still trying to stay in the limelight and extend their well exhausted 15 minutes of fame.  Rachel doesn’t need to capitalize on the story because she allegedly already did, snagging a cool $10 mill from Tiger and his lawyers, so why is she doing interviews with a tabloid-trash show?  Can’t we just let these turds fade away?  Let’s get back to worrying about Tiger’s golf game and not his mistresses, or divorce proceedings.  We may be witnessing the greatest downfall of a sports legend right before our eyes, and we’re still fascinated by what some chicks he used and abused have to say.  Sometimes our culture is shameful.  You’ve been bitched to again…

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