What Almost Was: Sean Connery as Gandalf

In the history of great casting decisions, there have been plenty of close calls. Perhaps one of the biggest was when Peter Jackson offered Sean Connery the role of Gandalf in his Lord of the Rings trilogy. Fortunately for us (and, likely, the ghost of J.R.R. Tolkien), Connery passed on the role, as he couldn’t wrap his head around the fantastical setting and plot.

Connery-Gandalf would have been a serious ladies man.
Connery-Gandalf would have been a serious ladies man.

It is, however, fun to imagine things, and the folks at #Mashed – a YouTube channel specializing in creating geeky parodies and mashups – decided to explore what it would be like if Connery had taken on the role of one of the most iconic wizards in history.It’s two and a half minutes of Bond jokes and other hilarious jabs at Connery, and it does leave some room for wondering whether or not he might have been a good casting decision.

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