What Dexter and LOST Would’ve Looked Like if They Were 90’s Sitcoms

Who doesn’t remember growing up in the 80’s and 90’s where every household in the country was glued to the TGIF sitcom line-up on Friday evenings?  Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, and other sitcoms with similar formulas all ruled the day before mediums such as the Internet even existed.  When I watch some of these shows today it makes me feel like I was a brain dead retard as a child mainly because they all pretty much suck balls, but hey, they were awesome for their time, and definitely made their mark on a generation of boob tube watchers.

What would happen if you would apply the same formula of these 90’s sitcoms to some of today’s more serious dramas like LOST, or even Dexter?  Well, luckily enough for people who have enough time to worry about meaningless topics like this someone has created mashups for both of these series, which portrays them as 90’s sitcoms and not the very adult-themed shows that they truly are.  If anything these mashups are an interesting trek through TV history that most of you Internet dwellers have never even seen.  Check them out below.  You’ve been thinking that LOST works quite well as a Full House clone…

Lost: The Sitcom! Season 1 intro

What if Dexter had been a sitcom?

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