I was asking myself that same question before I turned to the Darkside and picked up an iPad 2.  I had seen the setting for it in our mobile site’s configuration, and enabled it because it sounded cool, but I had no clue what exactly it did.  My lack of knowledge in regards to iOS in general is the main reason I never gave two sh*ts about iOS web apps, but I figured if I had the option I might as well enable it.  I’m sure glad I did, because now that I’ve joined the legion of iPad I’m totally digging the Entertainment Buddha Web iOS app.

In it’s essence, a web iOS app is a fancy way to launch a particular site from an iDevice’s desktop.  They come complete with icons, load-up screens, and a specialized version of the site itself that doesn’t require the mobile Safari browser.  Once I saw what a web iOS app could do for our site I immediately went to work obsessing over the icon I was going to use, as well as the load up screen image.  After some testing that probably more closely resembled recess at an insane asylum than coding, I’ve completed the EB Web iOS app.

Below, you’ll find some images that will walk you through the process of how this thing works.  It’s really quite simple as it only requires you to browse to the site from your iDevice.  Upon landing on the greatest site for geeks, gamers, and nonconformists you’re iPad/iPhone browser will display a pop-up message about how to install the web iOS version of on your device.  Just hit the add bookmark button then choose add to home screen.  From here you’ll be prompted to name the icon and complete the install process.  Within seconds you’ll now see the Buddha sitting ever so harmoniously amongst your other apps.

Prompt to Install the Web iOS version of EB


EB Web iOS Icon on an iDevice Home Screen


Once you see the EB icon on your home screen like the example above you’re ready to start rocking out with your thangs out when it comes to viewing the Buddha on your iPad, or iPhone.  Instead of launching Safari and browsing to the site all you have to do now is just click on the icon to get access to today’s top stories in nonsense and debauchery.  Upon launch you’ll be treated to our lovely loading screen, which you can preview below.

EB Web iOS App Launch Screen


Once the app is finished launching you’ll be treated to a full screen view of the Entertainment Buddha mobile site.  There’s no browser bars to get in the way, so you’ll get maximum viewing goodness if you view the site in web app mode.  Honestly, outside of that the site looks 99% the same as if you were viewing in a browser, but at least you get the cool looking icon and launch screen to add to your iDevice!  Below you can preview what the site looks like in mobile mode.  Unfortunately at this time my mobile configuration has issues with embedded videos (No Flash, go figure), so you may have to view them in the traditional theme and not the mobile theme.

Landscape View of EB Web iOS App


There you have it folks!  For those of you that are Apple people I highly suggest checking out our Web iOS app the next time your on the site mobile style.  It’s a nice little feature that can help enhance the EB experience on an iDevice.  Hopefully within the next few weeks my mobile designer will have a fix for the iPad video issue, but if you just switch to the regular theme, or click on the video title they should work.  You’ve been fanboyed…


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