What Fates Await Two Major Game of Thrones Characters After the Loot Train Battle?

Before I dive into this piece I first must provide a clear and simple SPOILER warning for the latest episode of Game of Thrones’ seventh season. If you have not watched “The Spoils of War” yet, please do not proceed unless you could give two dragon dumps about Game of Thrones spoilers.

The now iconic Loot Train Battle — yes that’s the official name, go look it up on HBO’s site — ended with a bang, or should I say a flame? While we know that Dany and Drogon survived their first real land battle against Westerosi forces, the fates of two other popular characters were left up in the air, or should I say in the water?

Enough with being cute, on to the important questions of what will happen to Jaime Lannister and Bronn after Bronn bravely knocked Jaime into a deep river while saving him from Drogon’s lava breath. There’s absolutely no chance that Jaime drowns, or Bronn for that matter. The former is way to important of a character to be killed off in a cliffhanger-style shot, and I believe he still has plenty of story left in him and that his ultimate demise will be a heroic one. There’s also no chance that Bronn drowns, because while he isn’t as important of a character as Jaime, he’s still a large enough fan favorite to deserve a symbolic death or exit from the show, so you don’t have to worry about Tyrion eulogizing his best bud or brother in the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones.

Neither Will Drown 

With that being said there are only two viable paths for these characters to take the next time we see them on screen, but first I must theorize on how they get out of the water, which Jaime is clearly drowning in thanks to his heavy suit of armor. I actually think his rescue from the water is overly clear. Bronn will definitely fish him out of the water, because while they were both knocked in by Drogon’s flames, Bronn wasn’t wearing armor, so he’ll at least be able to swim up for air and more than likely drag Jaime along with him. I really do believe that’s how Jaime will be saved from the drowning the show wants us to foolishly believe in.

Bronn and Jaime Escape

The trickier plot point to speculate on though is what will Bronn and Jaime do after they get out of the whole drowning situation? Like I mentioned earlier there are only two viable options for their narratives moving forward. They either somehow escape a seemingly uneducable situation by slipping past Dany, Drogon, and her Dothraki horde, or they will be caught and held prisoner.

I’ll start with the situation that I deem to be a bit trickier to pull off, which is Bronn and Jaime escape back to King’s Landing. This scenario is just hard to see come to fruition considering the state of the battle by the time the credits rolled. Dany and her forces had clearly decimated the Lannister and their allies, and Bronn and Jaime went under literally yards from Dany and Drogon. Getting out of the river without being seen — it is daylight after all and Jaime is essentially wearing a tank for clothes — will be nearly impossible, even for Jaime and his bro Bronn. Unless there is some sort of underwater cavern that they magically find to take them to a less noticeable point of egress, I just don’t see how these two could slip by Dany, her dragon, and oh by the way a few thousand Dothraki soldiers. It would literally take a miracle or some form of magic, so unless Bran somehow intervenes, Bronn and Jaime will probably be captured.

If they do escape they’ll probably be headed towards King’s Landing, or possibly wherever Lord Tarly made off to. He could be captured too since we never really saw him after the start of the battle though. I could see these three and Dickon possibly getting away if the show takes this option, but I still find it to be unlikely.

Bronn and Jaime Captured 

Although, we are talking about Game of Thrones where nothing really plays out the way us fans think it should, so anything could happen. When you think about it, the fact that their escape seems so unlikely that it almost makes it seem like it’ll happen. The second viable option after all is being captured, and that option just seems too convenient for a show like this. On the other hand though I just don’t know how any other outcome can come about unless some sort of magic comes into play. It’s not like Jaime and Bronn have the One ring and can turn invisible. As far as we know the only magical beings in Westeros are the Children of the Forest, who are all dead now, Bran but he mainly can only see visions, and the priests and priestesses of the Lord of Light who can use charms to change their looks and raise people from the dead. None of them have teleporting powers, so Bronn and Jaime won’t be escaping in a whimsical fashion.

Although, an argument could be made that if Jaime does somehow die he could be brought back like Jon or Berric Dondarion, so I guess that magic could come into play in this scenario, but I didn’t see any Lord of Light followers at the battle, so I still think he’ll be saved by Bronn. If he is resurrected, then the fan theory of him being Azor Ahai could indeed be true.

Regardless of how they escape their watery graves, I do think they’ll be captured because it will setup a very interesting dynamic between themselves, Tyrion and Dany. Tyrion has always loved his brother, and the same can be said of Jaime. I mean he did free Tyrion from certain death when he was being held at King’s Landing, so I could see Tyrion returning the favor. Bronn and Tyrion were boys before he and Jaime hooked up, so there is a bond there too. These bonds will surely cause a larger rift between Tyrion and Dany, who as recent as this past episode questioned Tyrion’s war strategies and true motives considering she is essentially battling for her kingdom against his family. Her faith in him is wavering, and he also didn’t look too comfortable watching his people get slaughtered on the battlefield, so he could be slowly plotting a backup plan if Dany’s new tactics become too disagreeable for him.

Final Prediction

Now that I’ve laid down the only possible scenarios for Bronn and Jaime’s fates I’ll put in writing my ultimate prediction. First I believe Bronn will save Jaime from drowning, mainly because he wasn’t wearing armor, so he’ll be able to swim for air and bring Jaime with him. He already saved him from certain death, so why wouldn’t he rescue him yet again. Once they get out of that hairy situation though I think they’ll be immediately captured by someone in Dany’s war party. I just find hard to believe that a person of Jaime’s importance would be able to disappear like a ninja during daylight hours with his enemies all around him.

After they’re captured Dany will give them a choice to join her or die, but I could also see Tyrion working his silver tongue to arrange for them to be used as hostages to negotiate with Cersei. She clearly still loves Jaime, so there’s a good chance the Mad Queen may bend to the demands for his good health, but she’s also the most diabolical game player in Westeros, so she could just as easily look at Jaime’s defeat as weakness and leave him to his fate with Dany. If he and Bronn are held as prisoners I do think Tyrion will free his brother or both. He will feel the need to payback his brother, so I do believe he’ll free him so he can do what he’s always been destined to do, which is to kill his sister, the love of his life. I’m sticking with that prediction until proven otherwise, and I think this is how we get one step closer to it. Cersei could very easily do something rash after hearing of this loss, which in turn could cause Jaime to finally see the light that so many — including Lady Olenna as she prepared to die — have warned him about and cause him to do the right thing like he did when he betrayed King Ares.


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