What Gamers Want for the Week of 12-30-13


We’ve reached the last week of 2013, but unfortunately for gamers there aren’t many new titles coming out this week. Hopefully most of you scored a large cache of games to play on Christmas, because unless you really like Luigi or indie PC games, there aren’t many new offerings to tickle your fancy this week.

The only console title coming out is Dr. Luigi for the Wii U. Shady’s Poopong: 20th Anniversary Edition is coming out for the PC, which is an expanded version of the 2006’s Shady’s Poopong. Finally, voxel fans may want to check out Gnomoria this week, which is also releasing for the PC platform. The excitement is too much to handle no?

Our Recommendation

Quite honestly your best bet this week is probably to hold onto your hard earned cash-flow, but if you must get a new game your best bet is Dr. Luigi.


December 31, 2013 New Releases:

  • Shady’s Poopong: 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Dr. Luigi

January 1, 2014 New Releases:

  • Gnomoria


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