This week’s new video game releases may or may not tickle your fancy. Most of the new releases are of the re-release, or collection variety, but there are a few brand new games. These include Bound by Flame (PC/PS3/PS3/Xbox 360, Full Bore (PC), Sweezy Gunner (PC), Sportsfriends (PS3/PS4), Spark Rising (PC), Swipecart (PC), Raven’s Cry (PC/PS3/Xbox 360), Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (PC), and You Have to Win the Game (PC).

The re-releases and collections include the Borderlands 2 Vita bundle, the God of War Collection for Vita, MLB 14: The Show for PS4, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the Xbox One, Stick it to the Man! for PS4, and Peggle 2 for the Xbox 360. These aren’t technically new, but most of them are releasing for new platforms, so if you’ve been wanting to get them for a system you own, this is the week to do so.


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This week is tough since most of the releases are indie titles, re-releases, or collections, so you may just want to hold off on picking up a new game unless you’ve been wanting to play one of the re-releases or collections for a system you own. Peggle 2 and MLB 14: The Show are viable candidates for purchase on new systems. Grabbing the Vita bundle with Borderlands 2 would be a great move if you don’t already own Sony’s latest portable gaming unit. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has its issues, but for some reason it’s still quite fun, so if you held out for the Xbox One edition you should consider risking an investment for a bit of glitchy fun. If you want to go for a new game you should look into Full Bore, or Bound by Flame, which has shown potential as a solid action-RPG.

May 5, 2014 New Releases

  • Sweezy Gunner

May 6, 2014 New Releases

  • Sportsfriends
  • Full Bore
  • Borderlands 2 Vita bundle
  • God of War Collection for Vita
  • MLB 14: The Show
  • Stick it to the Man!
  • You Have to Win the Game

May 7, 2014 New Releases

  • Peggle 2
  • Raven’s Cry
  • Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

May 8, 2014 New Releases

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Spark Rising
  • Swipecart

May 9, 2014 New Releases

  • Bound by Flame


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