What Gamers Want for the Week of 8-15-16: New Video Game Releases

This is more than likely going to be a week of working through your video game backlog, because there really aren’t many “must-play” games releasing this week. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a gem in this week’s new video game release lineup, so head on down below to see what’s cooking.

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If you must play a new game this week then Hitman: Episode 4 is the biggest name release, and an experience probably worth playing if you’ve delved into the three previous episodes. There’s also a new Metroid game coming out for the 3DS that may be worth checking out.

August 15, 2016 New Releases

  • Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars – PC
  • Typoman: Revised – PC
  • Void – PC
  • Deadlock (EA) – PC

August 16, 2016 New Releases

  • 2064: Read Only Memories • Citizens of Neo SF – PS4/Vita
  • Bound – PS4
  • UNO – PS4/X1/PC
  • Adventure Capitalist – PS4
  • Inversus – PC
  • Monsters and Monocles – PC
  • Absolute Drift: Zen Edition – PS4
  • Valentino Rossi The Game – PS4/X1
  • Grow Up – X1
  • Death Stair – PC
  • Among the Sleep – PS4
  • Dungeon PUnks – Vita
  • Prominence Poker – X1
  • Hitman: Episode 4 – Bangkok

August 17, 2016 New Releases

  • Unamed Fiasco – X1

August 18, 2016 New Releases

  • Poncho – Wii U
  • Gone in November – PC
  • Just Cause 3: Bavarioum Sea Heist – PC
  • Okhlos – PC

August 19, 2016 New Releases

  • Metroid Prime: Federation Force – 3DS
  • Style Savvy: Fashion Forward – 3DS
  • F1 2016 – PC/X1/PS4

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