What Gamers Want for the Week of 8-8-16: New Video Game Releases

August is marching right along, isn’t it? After a relatively slow week of new game releases, August’s second week brings with it one of the most anticipated video games of all time: No Man’s Sky.

With No Man’s Sky looming right around the corner, it’s hardly surprising that it’s another thing week of new releases. Hello Games’ much-anticipated space exploration game has been hyped to astronomical amounts over the last few years and it seems as though most publishers would rather wait than compete against the game’s touted 15 quintillion planets.

Still there’s a handful of PC ports and smaller titles that will release this week with little fanfare. Check out the full list of new game releases below.

Our Recomendation:

Obviously, No Man’s Sky. Sure, the leaked footage and controversy that has surrounded the game pre-release might turn some people off, but the sheer scope that the game supposedly packs is enough to keep an adventurous gamer occupied for months.

I’m looking forward to wandering about alien planets for a few hours every night, taking in the myriad sights and understanding that I could potentially step foot somewhere that no one in the game has ever — or will ever — set foot. That’s about as exciting as it comes.

August 8, 2016 New Game Releases:

  • Bear With Me – PC
  • Pane in the Glass – PC

August 9, 2016 New Game Releases:

  • No Man’s Sky – PS4
  • Brutal – PS4
  • Blade Ballet – PC
  • Uno – PC/PS4

August 10, 2016 New Game Releases:

  • Ray Gigante – PC

August 11, 2016 New Game Releases:

  • Reigns – PC
  • XBlaze: Lost Memories – PC

August 12, 2016 New Game Releases:

  • No Man’s Sky – PC
  • Momentum – PC


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