Without a doubt Batman: Arkham City is the go to item for most gaming geeks this week.  There’s a few other games coming out, but they’re not even close to the caliber of Arkham City.  Outside of Batman there’s not much going on, but there are a few options this week for gamers that have something wrong with them (seriously, what else is there to play this week besides Batman: Arkham City).  Head on down past the break to see what you can waste money on this week.  You’ve been thinking there can’t be anything better than Batman this week, and you’re right…

Video game Releases for the week of 10/17/2011

Batman is the clear favorite in the gaming sector this week.  PS3 users can also return to the Ratchet and Clank series with All 4 One, but I’d punch myself in the eye if I wanted that game over Batman. Rocksmith will try to woo gamers back to the music genre offering the ability to plug real guitars into the game, and the PSN is getting Payday: The Heist.  As always you can click on the game images below to purchase them if you haven’t pre-ordered them already (Box art represents all platforms).


PSN: Payday: The Heist

Blu-ray/DVD Releases for the week of 10/17/2011

There is not a single flick worth picking up this week if you consider yourself to be a fan of geeky movies.  The only movie that might be worth a look is Bad Teacher, but it’s not a movie that really deserves to be in your collection.

Like I stated earlier it’s not a great week of releases for items that we may be interested in.  Batman: Arkham City is without a doubt the item of a week that can’t be missed by anyone that considered themselves a gamer.  Everything else this week is secondary to this game, which is just fine considering how awesome this game will be.


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