Considering that it’s the day after Christmas for most people in the world, the thought of spending more money probably isn’t at the front of most consumer’s minds, but just in case you’ve got some money to burn we’ve got a few recommendations to waste it on.  During this time of year new triple-A video games are hard to come by.  There’s never been much of a gaming lineup after the holidays, and this year is no different.  There’s a few arcade titles on both the PSN and XBLA, but nothing that screams “you have to buy me!”  The Blu-ray and DVD front is about the same.  Geeks may want to take a chance on Apollo 18, or if you’re up for some gore you could pick up Final Destination 5.  Outside of that there’s nothing else to even consider buying unless it came out a few weeks ago.  As always you can click on the cover art below to purchase these recommended titles.

Video Games to buy for the week of 12.26.11

I’ll be honest with you, there aren’t any games that you really need to spend money on this week.  If you really need to drop some coin on a new game you’re looking at downloadable titles only.  Both the PSN and XBLA are featuring All Zombies Must Die! this week, or if you want to go with a classic you can pick up Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD on PSN only.  Told ya, nothing to get worked up over this week in gaming.

Blu-ray/DVDs to buy for the week of 12.26.11

I’m a sucker for the Final Destination movies because of their over-the-top kill sequences.  It’s no secret that I enjoy gory movies and games, so the FD series has always been a secret favorite of mine.  Apollo 18 didn’t fair well with critics, but it’s a sci-fi thriller that I wouldn’t mind renting.  Neither will win an Oscar, but they might bring a few hours of entertainment to your household.  You can click on their images below to purchase them if you’d like.



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