We are now looking at two weeks in a row of lackluster video game releases, because unless you’re a 3DS owner there aren’t many must-play games coming out this week.  The number 1 game coming out this week hands down is Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS.  If you’ve managed to miss out on this great franchise up until now, then this would be a great time to jump into the fray with the first ever 3D Mario Kart game, which came out yesterday.  Outside of that some older gamers may want to get a little nostalgic with the release of The Oregon Trail on the Wii and 3DS.  PS3 gamers are also getting a treat with the first bit of DLC for Battlefield 3 coming out on 12/6.  Finally, on the movie front both Cowboys and Aliens, and The Hangover 2 will be available to add to your home movie collection tomorrow.

Videogames to buy for the week of 12.5.11

As I previously mentioned Mario Kart 7 is the clear leader for games to spend your money on this week.  Everything else is “Meh” at best, which like last week is almost a good thing so we can catch up on all of the triple-A games that came out during October and November.  If the 3DS isn’t your thing then you may want to get your fording skills on with the release of The Oregon Trail for the Wii.  On the DLC front the Back to Karkand pack for Battlefield 3 will be available tomorrow (maybe just for PS3), and old school Final Fantasy fans can get their paws on FF VI.  As always you can click on the images below to buy any version of the games listed for potential buys.


DLC: Back to Karkand BF 3 for PS3, FF VI

Blu-rays/DVDs to buy for the week of 12.5.11

Luckily there are a few worthwhile movies coming out this week to add to your collection.  I actually enjoyed this Summer’s Cowboys and Aliens even though must of the world hated it.  I thought it was an entertaining flick with an interesting concept, so I still think it’s worth a buy.  I didn’t see The Hangover 2, but I’d imagine it has a few laughs to go around, so it may not be a bad flick for the holidays.  There are some other girly movies coming out this week, but I’d rather watch paint dry, so you’ll have to find links to buy them on your own.




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