The boring month of January continues this week in regards to new video game and Blu-ray/DVD releases.  Gamers are used to this time period being utterly devoid of triple-A games to purchase, and I expect this trend to continue for the next few weeks.  Once again the download front is the only medium offering up potential games to waste your cash on, and the Blu-ray/DVD scene isn’t much better.  If you’ve been itching for some Zombie action you will be able to download AMY this week on both the PSN and XBL, or if you’ve been thinking about making a return to your gaming days past you could download Star Marine: Infinite Ammo for iOS, which is  a Contra inspired scrolling shooter.

The Blu-ray/DVD front looks a little better this week than last, but the only worthy movie to buy is Moneyball, which has recently been given some nods from the Academy.  I have yet to see it because there are no aliens, guns, or ancient warriors, but I’ve heard great things and it currently has a 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Plus as an added bonus you can briefly catch EB supporter Joe Fidler in a few scenes in the clubhouse playing a trainer.  That’s about all she wrote for movies this week folks, so spend it if you got it, but you won’t be missing out on much.  You’ve been needing an excuse to spend some money on yourself…

Video Games to buy the week of 1.9.12

Like I mentioned there are no triple-A titles releasing this week, but if you’re in the market for some downloadable games you may be in luck.  AMY, which is a survival horror shooter, will release on both the PSN and XBLA this week as will Choplifter HD.  If you’re into the mobile gaming scene you can check out Star Marine: Infinite Ammo, which looks like it borrowed a few design tips from Contra.  Outside of that I’ve got nothing for you.  It’s another week where you’re probably better off catching up with old games than starting new ones.

Blu-ray/DVD’s to buy for the week of 1.9.12

Like I mentioned above Brad Pitt’s Moneyball is hands down the best movie that’s available to buy this week.  Killer Elite is also coming out this week, which starred Jason Statham and DeNiro as hit men types.  It didn’t fair to well with consumers and critics, so I’d recommend adding this one to your rental list unless you already saw it and loved it.  You can purchase either of these by clicking on their box art below.



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