This week may see gamers opening up their wallets for a few reasons. The First Edition Bundle for the PSVita is being released on 2/15, which is a week before the handheld’s official launch, so if you’ve been itching to play Sony’s latest toy this is the week to do it.  In addition to the Vita Sony fans will also be getting a nostalgic treat this week in the form of the Twisted Metal reboot from David Jaffe.  If fighting with cars isn’t your cup of tea you can also pick up UFC Undisputed 3 this week.  Outside of those games there really isn’t much worth buying unless you are a PC gamer and want to give the original Alan Wake a go.

The Blu-ray/DVD scene is beyond weak.  There isn’t a single flick coming out that I’d deem purchase worthy, so hold on to those funds for a future purchase.  If you’re a sick f*ck and like testing your ability to watch horrific things taking place on screen, you may want to rent The Human Centipede 2 which releases this week.  I saw the first one and wasn’t nearly as freaked out as some people that watched it, so I may watch the sequel just to see how ridiculous this concept has become.  It’s actually more of a comedy to me than a horror movie because the scenario is so far fetched that it’s laughable.  But if you’re into watching humans sewed to other human’s orifices then this sequel may be right up your alley.

As always if you’re interested in purchasing any of these recommendations just click on the item’s image.  You’ve been needing to vomit after thinking about a human centipede…

Video games to buy for the week of 2.13.12

The PSVita first edition bundle will be available on the 15th, but after its less than stellar launch in Japan I’m not so sure if Sony has a hit on their hands.  I would recommend staying away from this toy until it has spent more time in the wild.  I mean look at what happened with the 3DS.  It’s launch was so bad that they knocked $100 of its price within 3 months of it being available for purchase.

On the other hand if you just need a new game to play on your PS3 then by all means go ahead and pick up Twisted Metal.  I don’t even care if the critics like this game or not.  Twisted Metal was one of my favorite franchises on the original PS, so I’ll be picking this game up regardless of how well it does with the media.  I would also recommend possibly picking up the 3rd official UFC game, because early reviews are coming in glowing.  It’s not my favorite game type, but I have to respect its accomplishments in the fighting genre.

Blu-ray/DVDs to buy for the week of 2.13.12

There really is nothing worth buying, but if you really want to gross yourself out, go ahead and pick up The Human Centipede Part 2.


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