I’d imagine that most of you picked up Mass Effect 3 last week, so there really isn’t a need for a new game quite yet, but there are a few new titles coming out this week that may be worth checking out.  The critically acclaimed Journey comes out for the PSN on the PS3, and if you buy into the mainstream gaming media then this indie title is a must play.  The Silent Hill franchise will be getting a new entry this week with the release of Downpour, so if you feel like sh*tting yourself out of fear while playing a video game then pick it up.

The Blu-ray/DVD front isn’t very enticing this week with The Adventures of Tintin being the only film to possibly add to your home collection.  The only reason I say that is because it will be in 3D, and I’m a sucker for 3D movies at home, so that is why I’m recommending it.  Outside of that, every other film coming out this week looks about as fun as sticking bamboo shoots under your fingernails, so spend your money wisely if you must buy a new movie this week!  You’ve not been thinking about buying a damn thing until you finish Mass Effect 3…

Video games to buy for the week of 3.12.12

I highly doubt that most gamers really need a new game this week, but if you have ADD you may want to check out Journey, or Silent Hill: Downpour.  In fact, I’d recommend Mass Effect 3, and/or SSX over both of these titles, so check out last week’s recommendations for links to buy ME3, or this post for SSX.

Link to Journey on the PSN


Blu-ray/DVDs to buy for the week of 3.12.12

The Adventures of Tintin is only on this list because it is in 3D.  Besides, I heard that it’s actually a decent movie, so if you’ve been needing to beef up your home 3D library click on the Tintin image below.


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