Well geeks this is yet another week that’s light on great games and movies to buy for your home collection.  In fact, there’s only one game that I can semi get behind and that’s Kinect Star Wars.  The only reason I’m supporting this motion controlled mess is the fact that it is based on Star Wars.  Lucas worked his magic on me many moons ago, and I still can’t shake the Star Wars spell, so I will faithfully buy this game like all of you other Star Wars lemmings.  In addition to the game’s release Microsoft is also launching their Star Wars themed Xbox 360 console, which I might add is super awesome looking.  If you’ve been needing a new 360 then this is the week to buy one, because who wouldn’t want an Xbox that looks like R2, and a controller that resembles his companion C-3P0?  Man is it bitchin looking!

Unfortunately, this is another week of unworthy Blu-ray/DVD releases.  There’s not a single movie coming out that is worthy of your home collection, but if you’re into Oscar nods then you may want to check out War Horse.  As always you can pick up any of these recommendations by clicking on their images below.  You’ve been wondering how bad Kinect Star Wars will actually be…

Video Games to buy for the week of 4.2.12

This week belongs to Kinect Star Wars.  I doubt it’ll be good, but it’s Star Wars, and you get to act like a Jedi, so fans will buy it up.  On the other hand if you need a new 360 console then I’d definitely pick up the Star Wars version, which launches with the Kinect Star Wars game.  Check them out below!


Blu-ray/DVDs to buy for the week of 4.2.12

Nothing much to see here folks, but if you just have to buy a movie this week I’d check out Spielberg’s War Horse.  Check it out below.

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