What if The Avengers was Filmed Like Best Picture Winner The Artist?

The RatedComedyTV Youtube channel put out a silent film version of The Avengers trailer depicting it as if it were released many years ago.  Considering that The Artist cleaned house at last night’s Oscars, then maybe reviving the whole silent film movement isn’t such a bad idea.  Obviously if The Avengers was a silent film it’d suck goat d*ck, but it’s fun to pretend with parodies like this.  I still can’t believe a silent film did so well in this day and age of digital movie magic, but I’m just an animal, so I guess I don’t know how to appreciate the arts.  I want CG, explosions, and a whole lotta super powers in my movies, so for now I’ll leave films like The Artist to more culturally refined humans.  Check out the silent Avengers trailer below.  You’ve been thankful that you grew up in an era with color, sound, and special effects in your movies…

The Avengers – Silent Movie Trailer (Parody)

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