What if the Original Bioshock Ended Like This?

The team over at HISHEdotcom (How it Should Have Ended) have created their take on how the original Bioshock game should have ended.  SPOILER: If you don’t remember Jack saves the day, and depending on if you were a child abuser or not, he also saves the Little Sisters and raises them on his own.  What a Hollywood ending right?  We all know that’s the “Happily Ever After” type of ending, but how should Bioshock really have ended?  Well, head on down past the break to find out how that particular scenario plays out.  Let’s just say that Jack ends up doing what most strangers would do if they inherited plasmid enhanced psychotic little girls.  You’ve been thinking you would’ve done the same thing…

How It Should Have Ended: How Bioshock Should Have Ended


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