What is George Lopez Doing at Augusta?

This next piece of news only made me ask the question, “How the flip does George ass Lopez get into the champions locker room at Augusta?”  Anyone and everyone knows that Augusta is almost harder, if not harder, to get into than the White House.  I mean they still don’t even let women on the course, and if Tiger didn’t win The Masters I don’t think they’d let him in there either with his skin tone.

I see a story of George Lopez running into Tiger Woods in the champions locker room and unlike the rest of the world who wondered if there was a confrontation, I just wondered who let Lopez in?  I guess Mike Weir, the 2003 Masters champ did, but that also begs the question, “Why the hell is a Mexican comedian hanging with a Canadian golfer?”  Who cares what Lopez said about Tiger on his late night show?  Do you think Tiger Woods or anyone for that matter watches that crap?  Famous people get all the cool perks.

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [TMZ]


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