This week the small screen offers up 300: Rise of The Empire. It’s the long awaited prequel/sequel to the movie that made almost all women and some men get weak in the knees for Gerard Butler and his abs in 300. The movie is full of all the blood and action that any action movie buff could ask for. The movie follows the events after King Leonidas and his men fell to the Persians, and you’re also introduced to Artemisia, a beautiful women full of rage and vengeance who wants the Greeks to suffer.

This week in theater releases Transformers: Age of Extinction is finally going to make its debut. The movie takes place years after the attack on Chicago and the world is made to fear Optimus Prime and the Autobot gang. Cade, played by Mark Wahlberg, is a mechanic that stumbles upon what looks like an ordinary beat up semi-truck until he actually checks under the hood. He realizes that he has an Autobot in his possession, and from that moment on his life will never be the same.


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If you didn’t get around to seeing 300: Rise of The Empire in theaters, now is the perfect time to get it. You could even have a double feature at home and watch 300 first to make an evening full of action and abs. If you’re still not sure about getting it because Zack Snyder didn’t direct it, check out our review to help you make up your mind.

For theater release you’ll want to check out Transformers: Age of Extinction. While Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox are extinct from this movie it’s worth checking out for one reason, Dinobots. Ladies if you’re dragged off to see this movie, just remember your pretty eyes get to feast on Mark Wahlberg!

June 24, 2014 DVD/Blu-Ray New Releases

  • 300: Rise of The Empire

June 27, 2014 Theater New Releases

  • Transformer: Age of Extinction


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