Over the course of a week Pokemon Go has become one of the most used apps on both the App Store and Google Play store. It has also become one of the best ways to get active. For sometime the gaming industry has put out several products to counteract the whole video games make you lazy and fat argument. Microsoft released the Kinect, Sony released PlayStation Move, and of course there is Nintendo with the release of the Wii, and then the Wii U. Yet, all of those products combined did not yield the expected results. Then comes along a little mobile game called Pokemon Go that has been able to get masses of people moving unlike any video game before it.

For the last month the little city I live in, Orlando, has been plagued by the Pulse shooting. Also, with the recent events going on in Dallas, Minnesota, and Baton Rouge the release of Pokemon Go could not have come at a better time. Personally, I have gone from feeling somber to feeling happy, excited, and eager to get out there and catch Pokemon. The app has definitely served as a nice distraction from all the craziness going on. There is a certain appeal about Pokemon Go that draws people together to go hunting for Pokemon. I would dare say that this tiny, little mobile game is actually uniting people to do something fun outside. Pokestops are littered with people stocking up on supplies to continue the good hunt. If someone dropped a lure module, expect to see more Pokemon trainers congregating like there is no tomorrow.

The added bonus is that local business might actually benefit from this too. Some businesses may drop a lure module and attract business, maybe offer a discount to folks playing Pokemon Go. I can say, that the local ice cream shop that is across the street from where I live happens to be a Pokestop, and people have been there on daily basis since the app released last week. People are also buying ice cream while they hang out waiting for Pokemon to appear. Again, you can see why this would help local businesses.

Also, thanks to Pokemon Go, different generations are coming together like never before. Over the last week I have seen diverse groups of people hunting Pokemon, and the sight fills my heart with joy. The app is bringing families together to find new ways to bond. Children are asking their parents to go for walks to hunt for Pokemon, friends are meeting up to scout the area for Pokemon, and people that have never played a Pokemon game are playing Pokemon Go. I have been able to lure some of my coworkers to walk with me during my breaks to Pokestops. Along my walks I have found some Pokemon and my coworkers have happily agreed to pose with said Pokemon for the sheer fun of it.

So to all you haters and confused folk that do not understand what Pokemon Go is about, let me fill you in on what this mobile game is all about. Pokemon Go is about getting outside and catching Pokemon, creating new memories with friends and family, and straight up having fun. There is no real rhyme or reason to the game other than to battle for the top spot at local gyms and show off what you caught. Taking pictures of Pokemon with your friends makes Pokemon Go more appealing than playing with Snapchat filters.

Sure your battery might get drained a little faster, but I would say it is worth it for all the fun Pokemon Go has brought into the world. Get out there trainers and keep catching Pokemon.


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Ana Febo

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