What Side of the Googlighting Commercial Fence Are You On?

In a surprise move Microsoft has gone on the offensive using some dirty tactics that its competitors usually resort to when comparing themselves to the software giant.  They’ve put out a very anti-Google commercial called Googlighting, which highlights some of the downsides to Google’s productivity software initiatives (think Google Docs, and other apps they’ve put out).  As long as your not a fanboy then this commercial won’t offend you.  If anything, it should make you smile, especially if you get the joke they’re playing up.  Google is a great tech company, but their apps always aren’t the best, and sometimes they even get pulled without notifying longtime users of said apps.

With that being said Microsoft is trying to highlight this fact in this commercial, and at the same time they’re reinforcing to people that their productivity software will always work the way you need it to, and that they’re not going to just shut an app down one day without thinking about its users first.  I can’t really disagree with that message.  I use Google on a daily basis for searching, mail, calendars, etc, but I’d never put full faith in their Google Docs apps, because they do seem to change without notice, if not disappear altogether.  What’s sad is that the trolls have really taken to this ad, and have lambasted MS with their fanboy passion.

I’m actually impressed that MS is trying to be hip, so I enjoyed the spot.  I’ve used tech from Google, Linux, Apple, MS, and others.  Each has their upsides and downsides, so why can’t geeks just get over the whole “my tech company is > than your tech company” debate?  I used to be one of these a-holes until I gave Apple a fair shot.  You know what?  I’m glad I did, and I’ll never go back to a PC for my daily computing, but that doesn’t mean I think MS is a giant piece of monkey sh*t.  Their software has uses in my life as well (Xbox duh)!

Oh well, the Internet wouldn’t be such a fantastic place without trolls, so watch the Googlighting spot below, and let us know what you think.  Did it make you see red and force you to smash your Windows laptop, or did you get the joke and appreciate it?  Why can’t fans of tech companies just all get along?  You’ve always enjoyed fanboyism even if its pure nonsense…



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