What They Were Really Saying at the Royal Wedding

I don’t know what it is, but I find videos that are re-dubbed with alternate lines to be extremely entertaining.  This one in particular deals with the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate, which was the hottest story on the planet up until last week’s Osama news.  Once again the crackpots over at Day Job Orchestra have mashed in some fantastic, yet insane dialogue into footage of the Royal Wedding ceremony.  I imagine these guys study each clip and then form whatever nonsensical phrases they can come up with that match the lip movement of the people on screen.

I’ve loved their two Star Wars bits (#1, #2), and I must say that their Royal Wedding piece also got me to chuckle.  What can I say?  I love sh*t that makes no sense.  There’s definitely a skill to these things, so check it out below.  You’ve been wondering what all those Brits were saying while watching this exercise in money wasting…

DJO – F*cks With the Royal Wedding – F*ck



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