If you missed the Windows 10 event earlier today, here’s a quick rundown of the major news:

Free Windows 10 upgrade:

That’s right, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to current users. For real this time.


Microsoft’s answer to Siri is coming to the PC. The digital assistant has been available on mobile devices for some time, and will now be available on the task bar with the ability to answer typed or spoken queries, and search documents across the hard drive and OneDrive. Cortana will also provide pop-up alerts based on your interests either by learning or having been manually entered.

Internet Explorer is no more:

Microsoft is cutting the cord with its longtime browser and introducing a newer, cleaner browser codenamed Project Spartan. Microsoft integrated other product features with the new browser, including a “note-taking” mode that allows the user to draw on pages with a stylus or add comments and save the results on OneNote. Cortana is also involved, as expected, and can recognize data to offer additional information based on the user’s searches.

PC + Xbox = One:

Having a strong hold in the PC gaming market, along with a hefty share of the console market, Microsoft will launch an Xbox app for every Windows 10 machine. The app creates an Xbox interface for PC, and allows you to chat with friends, check messages, and record clips. The plan is to allow gamers to stream Xbox games to a Windows tablet.

Virtual Reality has taken a giant step forward:

Probably the biggest buzz around the event is Microsoft’s leap into the VR field. The HoloLens is a see-through visor/goggles that creates holographic imagery on top of real life things. The device uses sensors to detect what’s real, and reacts to the motions of the user (you know, like Tony Stark). I could try explaining more, but the video is way cooler.

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