With it being Friday the 13th and all, I kind of have to stick with that theme, right? So what better way to dive in than catching up on the man/myth/legend who first portrayed eventual lake-ascending, hockey mask-wearing, machete-clutching Jason Voorhees?

Here’s the trailer from the original film to help jog your memory, and maybe provide a laugh because it was 1980:

Completely forgot Kevin Bacon was in this film.

Ari Lehman had the pleasure of being the start of a generation’s worst nightmare when he took the role in the original at the age of fourteen. He was born on May 2, 1965 in New York, New York before moving to Westpoint, CT where he would grow up and get his first gig. That first gig was a film called Manny’s Orphans, about a group of soccer-playing orphans, which he snuck into after hearing about auditions. It was through this film that he was spotted and got his chance as young Jason.

After filming Friday the 13th, Lehman enrolled at New York University and majored in Big Band Orchestration and Jazz Piano. He then focused his career on the keyboard, where he toured around the world with various reggae and African musicians, and even recorded with Interscope Records.

He then proceeded to form his own world beat and reggae band which garnered some attention inside the music world as the Ari Ben Moses Band. After moving to Chicago in 2002, a group of horror fans extended an invitation to join them at an East Coast horror convention, and it was at this time that Lehman created his punk metal, keytar thrashing band, First Jason.

I mean…

I’m posting this next video strictly for the part where the guy in the crowd is riding a pool cue like Billy Madison at the 1:40 mark.

You can see more First Jason videos here…if you aren’t scared!

Lehman has appeared in numerous films since his days as young Jason, and pretty much all of them have been in the horror genre. That includes the following gems like:

Easter Sunday


Don’t forget about this Cheerleader-awareness film:

According to IMDB, Lehman is currently filming for Leaf Blower Massacre 2, which disturbs me that I never heard of Leaf Blower Massacre. Oh wait, here we go:

The best part about that trailer is that the Leaf Blower Killer is using an electric leaf blower, but maybe it takes the entire film for someone to figure out that the cord can only goes so far and be unplugged. Needless to say I’ll have to figure out a way to watch this.

Lehman has certainly found his niche and isn’t afraid to have fun with new projects, regardless of the plot, and is certainly an amazing musician. You don’t tour with world beat/reggae bands because you’re a slouch.

Here’s how he’s looking these days:

Ari Lehman

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