Whatever Happened To Lauren Holly: AKA Mary Samsonite?

In honor of Dumb and Dumber To being released today, let’s go back and see what the former-future Mrs. Lloyd Christmas has been up to since the original film was released twenty years ago.

Born in Bristol, Pennsylvania in 1963 to Michael Ann and Grant Holly. She was raised in New York and graduated from Geneva High School before attending Sarah Lawrence college in New York. At age 20 she began acting when she appeared in four episodes of Hill Street Blues:

I’ve never seen or heard of this show, but that Veronica Hamel is one piece of ace.

Sorry, got distracted.

Her big break came in 1992 when she appeared on CBS’s Picket Fences alongside Tom Skerrit. Yes, THE Tom Skerrit. Wait, you’re asking who Tom Skerrit is? HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN TOP GUN?!?

“Is that why you fly the way you do? To prove something?”

Sorry, got distracted. Here’s Picket Fences

Holly appeared in all but one episode during the shows four-year run from ’92-’96. It was during this time that she landed the role we all know her for: Mary Swanson. Starring opposite of a blooming Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. When I say “blooming Jim Carrey” I mean ’94 was his huge year. How huge? You can find out here. After ’94, the price of Carrey went WAY up.

I thought about quickly running through the plot of Dumb and Dumber, but if you haven’t found the time in the last twenty years to watch it, you probably never will and therefore don’t deserve to know what happens. Serves you right.

Holly has been married three times, first to actor Danny Quinn from 1991-1993. After Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd and Mary got hitched in real life in 1996. Looks like that chance worked against all odds.

Unfortunately the two were divorced a year later. In 2001, she married investment banker Francis Greco, with whom she has three children and currently lives in Canada.

Holly would continue making appearances on the big screen, including Any Given SundayWhat Women Want, and the 2014 Civil War drama Field of Lost Shoes where she stars alongside…TOM SKERRIT! We’ve come full circle.

She’s also continued her television career where she appeared in sixty-six episodes of NCIS, and is currently starring on Motive in Canada.

Here’s how she’s looking these days:

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