Whatever Happened To Lou Bega: Mr. Modern Mambo?

I know it’s been a minute since our last WHT, but as long as there are celebrities falling into the depths of obscurity, then there should be someone to write about it. So here we go again…

David Lubega was born in 1975 in West Germany to an Italian mother and an Ugandan father. Quick recap: a once-highly-famous mamboist (mamboian? mamboite?) was born in Germany with Italian/Ugandan parents. Where does the mambo influence come in? Right now. As a teenager, he traveled to Miami, Florida where he discovered latin music which would inspire him to eventually write his hit single “Mambo No. 5”.

Prior to his mambo career, he started a hip-hop group at age 13, and they released their first album two years later. As great as the Internet is, I was unable to find any video or audio proof. If anyone can confirm this, leave a comment. I need to experience his hip-hop stage.

After his brief rap career, he moved on to latin music, which would prove to be his bread and butter. In 1999, his hit single “Mambo No. 5” blessed the world on his debut album A Little Bit Of Mambo. This just further proves his perseverance after mambos 1-4 failed to garner any recognition. Vindication!

“Mambo No. 5” was a huge hit, bringing a new sound to a somewhat tired radio. Mixing ’40s and ’50s style elements with modern beats catapulted him to stardom rather quickly. Everyone loved the song because of it’s wonderful, upbeat sound, yet seemed to not care a whole lot that the lyrics actually talked about being a womanizer. Here’s the music video:

Bega released four more albums, though none of them reached the heights of his debut. His fifth release was a cover album called A Little Bit of 80’s, which was released in June 2013. Here he is singing “Come On Eileen” back in March of this year:

Fans of Bega had a brief scare last year after a journalist mistakingly reported that Bega had died, confusing the latin singer with American singer-songwriter Lou Reed. Whoops. Bega reassured everyone that he was alive and well after receiving a flood of condolences. The lesson here is to check your facts and proofread. Always proofread. Or have someone else proofread.

In January 2014, Bega married his longtime partner Jenieva Jane B. at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. This is according to his own site, so I checked my facts. Here!

If you’re interested in booking Bega for an appearance, here are the packages you can choose from, courtesy of his website:

Lou Bega is available for concerts, galas, festivals and radio shows even in three different show variants:

Lou Bega & 3 female dancers in a 45 min. half playback show

Lou Bega & 3 female dancers in a 60 min. half playback show with 2 parts:
30 min. Lou Bega “Best Of” & 30 min. Lou Bega “A Little Bit of 80s”

Lou Bega & 8-men-band incl. wind section and background singers as well as 2 female dancers in a 90 min. live show with 2 parts:
45 min. Lou Bega & band “Best Of“
With hits like “Mambo No.5“, “I Got A Girl“, “Just A Gigolo”, “Hit The Road Jack“, “Americano” or “Sweet Like Cola“
45 min. Lou Bega & band “A Little Bit of 80s”
With new songs like “Give it Up“, “Come on Eileen“, “Sunshine Reggae“ or “Smooth Operator“

Lou Bega – TV shows
Lou Bega is world-wide available for performances in TV or radio shows or the like. Please address your enquiry with proper information of the show to us and we will send you an adequate performance offer then.

Lou Bega – presentation
Lou Bega is available for high quality and special TV shows, radio broadcasts etc., for example he already presented the American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, Billboard Radio Awards an the Berlin Love Parade.

Lou Bega – commercials
As song writer for movies, TV or commercials and numerous international stations Lou Bega has already written several suitable songs and is also available himself as performer for exclusive products and companies.


Anyway, he’s avoided trouble with the law throughout his career, so that’s good. Here’s how he’s looking these days:



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