Whatever Happened to Marc Summers: ‘Double Dare’ Host?

If you were a kid in the 90’s Nickelodeon era, Marc Summers was your favorite game show host not named Summer Sanders or Mo. He had everything a game show host needed: charisma, quick wit, and a smile that could light up the night. He hosted a show that made you say things like “I knew that answer” and “those physical challenges aren’t that hard” and “I’d buy a Super Nintendo with my winnings”.

For any kid, Double Dare–then Family Double Dare and later Double Dare 2000–was one of three shows you wanted to be on along with GUTS and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Side tangent: It’s absurd that Guts only lasted four years, and LotHT a mere two. It’s an abomination, and as a youngster during the prime of kids game shows I demand a reboot. Here’s an amazing run from Global GUTS to cap off a perfect score:

Anyway, Marc Summers brought joy and slime to the homes of many throughout his Nickelodeon run that ranged from the late eighties to the early aughts that included What Would You Do? and Wild and Crazy Kids, in which he was an executive producer. Check out the video below of an episode of WaCK (HA!):

Wait a tick, is that Omar Gooding? The guy who played Mo in Smart Guy and Earvin from Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, and is younger brother to Cuba Gooding, Jr.? Absolutely it is.

Interesting fact that may or may not be true: Nickelodeon’s famous slime is called Gak, and Summers revealed where the name came from and what it means on the streets of Philadelphia:

There you go twenty-somethings. One of your favorite childhood fart-noise makers was termed after an incredibly addictive and life-destroying drug. Knowing that completely changes the Gak commercials where kids are gleefully playing and toying with it.

Aside from his stints with Nickelodeon, Summers co-hosted Our Home, which was a daily talk show on Lifetime that was directed towards homemakers. He’s also had ventures on the History Channel, currently hosts Unwrapped on Food Network, and is a producer for Restaurant: Impossible.

Summers has battled Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and in a 1999 book revealed some of the issues he dealt with and used his platform to participate in videos and non-profit organizations to help address the issue. While he was able to fully interact with fans on Double Dare, Summers claims he lost the hosting job of Hollywood Squares by going public with his OCD. He went on to host The Next Food Network Star and co-hosted Ultimate Recipe Showdown with Guy Fieri in 2008.

Summers also appeared in a music video for Good Charlotte’s song, “Last Night”:

He also played himself on The Cleveland Show, Workaholics, and Robot Chicken in a bit that’s funny but then makes you question your morals:

Anyway, here’s what Marc is looking like these days…sort of.

Marc Summers


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