Whatever Happened to Sam Horrigan: Leader of Team X-Bladz?

He’s a guy you recognize. He’s always one of the side characters. He’s got a look that could tame a tiger. He is Sam Horrigan. Not familiar? Go watch Little Giants and see him carry a refrigerator. Or find Brink! on DVD where he’s the leader of the evil corporate scum Team X-Bladz. Side note: if you do find Brink! on DVD, please, PLEASE let me know, my friends and I have been searching like crazy. And yes, I have thought about buying the VHS and having it converted to DVD, but currently there’s one tape for sale on Amazon and it’s $68. I found one site that has it on DVD, but it seems super, super shady. Basically it’s the shadiness equivalency of a hobo hobbling up to you and opening his trench coat asking if you need a watch and you thinking “you know, I could use a new watch…” without wondering how he got the watches in the first place or why he isn’t wearing any pants.

Anyway, Horrigan was born in Sacramento, CA in 1981 and began acting at an early age. He appeared as a student in the classic Home Alone-esque Remote. You don’t remember that one? Well lucky for you, the Internet does:

He also appeared in the Macaulay Culkin-esque Getting Even With Dad starring Ted Danson and his ponytail:

It was then he got his time on Little Giants, where he played the new-in-town kid who was tough as nails and strong as an ox.

Sam HorriganIf that sight doesn’t make a young woman’s heart swoon, I don’t know what to tell you. Unfortunately, SPIKE DON’T PLAY WITH GIRLS!

If I were named Spike, I would use these lines in everyday life and refer to myself in the third person so much people would get mad and complain until they eventually got used to it and accepted it like they did with Kim Kardashian.

After his time on the field, Horrigan teamed up with Erik von Detten and Elisabeth Moss (aka Peggy Olson in Mad Men) for Disney’s version of Escape To Witch Mountain. He played the bullish-turned-friend Xander who helps Detten and Moss’ twin characters escape from a psycho who wanted to blow up a mountain and return to their home that is somewhere other than Earth.

He teamed up with von Detten again in 1998 for another Disney film that was mentioned earlier. Brink! pitted von Detten’s Andy Brinker against the too-cool-for-school-super-sponsored Val Lastnameunkown in a battle of in-line skater brahs. On one hand you have the pure Brink, who skates because its fun and not about the money. On the other hand you have Val, who is the leader of the corporate focused X-Bladz and gets stuff for free and hangs out with beautiful girls that someone in high school probably shouldn’t be hanging out with. The two are constantly at odds until Brink is in need of money and joins X-Bladz before realizing he signed a deal with the devil. SOUL SKATER FOR LIFE! Then there’s this classic scene where the two part ways:

Of course the film comes down to the two battling it out in a long, long downhill race that for some reason doesn’t have on-lookers and refs set up all over the place.

He had varying roles on the small screen, including Boy Meets World8 Simple RulesDesperate HousewivesVeronica Mars, One Tree HillTrue BloodGrounded for Life, and a 39 episode stint on Grace Under Fire, where he replaced another character from Little Giants. Oh yeah, he was also in Accepted as a douchy, visor-wearing frat brother:

Sam horrigan accepted

Let’s also not forget that he was the first male beauty on the reality show Beauty and the Geek. There was a lot of controversy around this (at least that’s what the Internet told me), but I’ll let him and his super deep V explain:

So there you have it. He’s buff, throws parties at clubs and gets paid for it, and decides who can and who can’t be in his club. Basically he’s Spike, Xander, and Val all in one.

Here’s how he’s looking these days; cuffed and confused:

Sam Horrigan



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