Whatever Happened to Tahj Mowry: The Ten Year Old Whiz Kid Bustin’ High School?

No matter how intelligent you are, you always feel like you could be smarter. More smart? More smarter? Regardless, there are time you’ve wished you had more stuff in your brain. I know I have. Right now is one of those times.

For three seasons, the world got to live through the book smart genius that was T.J. Henderson in the WB show Smart Guy. If for some reason this isn’t ringing a bell, here’s the classic theme that will be stuck in your head for the next two weeks that will also lead you to randomly say “your brother is smaaaart”

The show aired for three seasons and centered around T.J. as he attempted to fit in with the high school crowd after making the jump from elementary school. Sure schooling came easy, but dealing with hormonal teenagers is a horse of a different color entirely. At least he’s got his sister, brother, and family friend Mo to help him out. Like that one time when T.J. wanted to be a bad boy:

Unfortunately, the novelty of the show wore off after three seasons, and we never got to learn what “T.J.” stood for. Seriously, they never mentioned it. Maybe Netflix should bring it back. Just kidding, please don’t.

T.J. was played by the young Tahj Mowry, who is the sibling of twins Tia and Tamara Mowry. Those two had their own show in Sister, Sister about twins separated at birth, but that’s a story for another time. He also has a brother named Tavior, who is a running back for the University of California-Davis football team.

Tahj Mowry first appeared on television at the age of four in Who’s the Boss?, then in recurring roles on Full House as Michelle’s friend Teddy. Now, whether or not he’ll reprise his role in Fuller House may depend on whether or not the Olsen twins ever come back, but we can’t rule out anything. I mean, Fuller House is already slated for a second season, after scathing reviews, so I guess anything is possible. Here’s the scene where Teddy’s dad gets a new job and he has to move and America got all emotional:

You know, watching that twenty-four years later makes me wonder if Michelle wasn’t a little bit of a psycho, tying up her friend like that. She seemed to show a sense of pride and enjoyment that would probably be considered a warning sign in this day and age. But what do I know.

Mowry would continue finding work in television throughout the 90s, including appearances in Sister, SisterStar Trek Voyager, and Friends:

He also had numerous roles as a voice actor, most notably on Disney’s Kim Possible from 2002-2007, as well as two movies for the show. He appeared in Ice Cube’s 2007 film Are We Done Yet?, and a film with both his sisters where he accidentally creates an anti-aging formula that gets spilled on some soap that his grandparents use and become teenagers again. No really, look!

Dude keeps getting typecast for genius parts.

So at this point I need to offer up an apology. I wasn’t aware until writing this Tahj Mowry is not just an actor, but a musician. While regooglesearching, I learned that he appeared at SXSW last year, an event I attended, and I failed to witness his performance. For that I’m sorry.

But let’s focus on the music. Last April Mowry released a music video for his song entitled “Flirt” which can be both seen and heard in the video below.

But just because he’s throwing some of his time into the music biz doesn’t mean he’s given up acting. Mowry can currently be seen on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy, where he’s beloved enough for a fan to create their own “best of” video:


Here’s how he’s looking these days:

Tahj Mowry


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