There was always this perception about a classic comic books reader that he’s somewhat of a geek, probably a guy, without a lot of social life and a very vivid imagination. This perception is not solid of course and gets its occasional cracks through different mediums that bring the comics and fantasy worlds closer to mainstreamers.

The two main and maybe most obvious ones are movies and TV shows. There’s no doubt that just about any comic book based movie has had great box office success. We, as children, used to love watching Spiderman climbing walls and fighting against evil in the popular cartoon show that actually dates back to 1967. It didn’t matter if we were the shy geeks or the most popular kids on the block, we all loved this TV show and many other similar ones.

Publishers and marketers from different area fields were quick to notice this fascination with fantasy and comics and they started looking for creative ways to make money out of it. One of the most successful examples for such a marketing strategy can be seen in the online gaming arena. Game providers started buying publishing rights for comics’ characters like Spiderman, Superman, Batman and many more. These characters where combined in the actual game theme and, in some cases even its structure. Games such as ‘Spiderman slots’ or ‘The fantastic 4 scratch cards’ became a great hit among fans of such games and the demand for these type of games grew bigger and bigger.

The use of comics in online games has not only helped those games publishers to get better conversions, but also helped to improve the reputation of comic books among an audience which was very different from the classic comics’ fans. In fact, in some cases there were people whose appreciation for comic books and the fantasy world started from the online games world and from there spread out to movies, TV shows and even buying actual comic books and magazines.

These days it is perfectly clear that comic books are not just for geeks with funny glasses and no life. People from all ages, sex and culture find themselves drawn to these colorful characters, fantastic plots and exciting imaginary worlds. The only thing left now is to hope mainstream won’t turn this amazing fantasy world into a boring predictable place.

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