When Hodor Meets Groot and “The Giving Groot” Fan Art

Guardians of the Galaxy has instantly become a pop culture craze thanks to the excellent live action film by James Gunn, and its memorable cast of characters. Groot, in particular, stands out as one of the more memorable characters from the film thanks to his limited vocabulary, sense of caring, and of course his dance moves.

Two different artists have created two wildly different fan art pieces dedicated to Groot, and the first features the hulking tree having a deep conversation with another pop culture character of a few words, Hodor. The second is a great remake of “The Giving Tree” book cover called “The Giving Groot”, which also stars Rocket Raccoon. You can check out both of the Groot-centric geek art pieces after the break.

Make sure to read our Guardians of the Galaxy review if you haven’t seen the film yet, because you truly are missing out on a fantastic movie going experience.

To see more Guardians of the Galaxy fan art pieces you can jump over here.


Hodor Meets Groot by Anamatroy


The Giving Groot by danjazown

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